Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence to reveal data-generation process and monitor health status of complex systems


The Intelligence Engineering Department (Yairi and Takeishi Laboratory) is engaged in fundamental research on machine learning and artificial intelligence related to dimensionality reduction, generative modelling and dynamic system learning, and its applications to aerospace engineering, robotics and system health management. In the former, learning algorithms for discovering intrinsic latent space and dynamics from high-dimensional and massive time series data are studied. The latter, on the other hand, studies anomaly detection methods for monitoring the health of complex man-made systems such as satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs and drones), as well as environmental awareness and self-positioning methods for probes and robots. The drone health monitoring experimental platform under development will be partially presented to the public at this time.

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Yairi and Takeishi Laboratory
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4号館 5階:501・506号室


4号館 5階:501・506号室

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