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Animal Linguistics

Toward a future where humans can understand animal language

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Our laboratory is the world’s first laboratory specializing in the field of animal linguistics. Our research integrates animal behavior, linguistics, and cognitive science to explore questions such as: (1) what do animal signals (e.g., vocalizations or gestures) mean, (2) how do they function in survival and reproduction, and (3) what cognitive capabilities are necessary for a communication system to evolve? We use a variety of methods, including behavioral observations of wild animals, audio recording and analysis, psychological experiments in the field, and semi-natural experiments under captive conditions. We focus primarily on social animals that regularly use communication in social contexts, such as birds and mammals.

Instructor / Laboratory
Toshitaka SUZUKI
Suzuki Lab.
A Japanese tit looking up to the sky for ‘hawk’ warning calls
A Japanese tit looking down on the ground for ‘snake’ warning calls
Observation of bird behavior in the field