PENTA:A Self-Built Experimental House Using Digital Technology

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Our laboratory studies new architectural space systems. Recently, we have been envisioning ways to realize a free and nomadic lifestyle. At the campus open house, a prototype of the world's first self-built architecture with aluminum structure using 3D printed joints is exhibited in the plaza of the Komaba Research Campus. The lightweight aluminum and the ingenuity of the joints make it easy to move, disassemble, and reassemble. All parts other than the joints are standardized and common, so the overall shape can be transformed simply by changing the joints. This allows for flexible construction in response to changes in location, scale, and use.

Instructor / Laboratory
Kotaro IMAI
The prototype is a pavilion that can accommodate about ten people. A commemorative photo after completion.
3D printed (Additively Manufactured) aluminum alloy joints. No two have the same shape but can be output directly from BIM.

Imai lab/3D print/Self-built/House/Nomad/Additive Manufacturing