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Efficient Energy Conversion

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Polarization Characteristics and Microstructures of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes

Electrode microstructures strongly affects the performance and reliability of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). Machine learning, e.g. CNN, CGAN, UNIT, LSTM, etc., as well as large-scale numerical simulations such as lattice Boltzmann, phase field, kinetic Monte Carlo and discrete element methods are developed to optimize the whole lifetime characteristics of the electrodes from initial powder to long time operation. Three dimensional microstructures reconstruction by FIB-SEM and in operando observations play inevitable role for understanding the phenomena and model validation.

R&D on Heat Pumps & Heat Engines

Efficient utilization of thermal energy will become even more important in the future energy systems. In order to reduce exergy loss, heat cycles which operate at small temperature difference, and component technologies such as efficient heat exchangers and g as-liquid separators are developed under collaboration with industry partners.

• Development of novel steam cycles (Trilateral & Lorenz cycles)
• 3D measurement of frost microstructure
• Heat exchangers and gas-liquid separators, etc.

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Dw棟 2階:Dw206