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Photonic nanostructures and topological wave engineering

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We are investigating photonic nanostructures including photonic crystals for diverse applications. In particular, we are pursuing unprecedent technologies controlling light and novel photonic devices based on the concept of topology, which provides an intriguing approach to control light. Our research interests also include quantum optics and light-matter interactions in photonic nanostructures, and nanophotonics using diamond materials toward quantum information applications.
In this exhibition, visitors can enjoy manipulating the behavior of light using everyday stuff, which is akin to a technique widely used in scientific research. We will also demonstrate some amazing phenomena invoked by the control of light.

Instructor / Laboratory
Iwamoto Laboratory
①	自然界に存在するフォトニック結晶の例
Example of a photonic crystal in nature
②	人工的に作成されたフォトニック結晶の例
Examples of artificially created photonic crystals


Examples of practical use


岩本研 iwamoto lab.
Member of Iwamoto lab.

Satoshi IWAMOTO / Iwamoto Laboratory